Grow in order by cooperating with spiritual law

Affirmation: My life is balanced and in order, and all is well.

Order—The intelligence of the Universe expressing through each of us.

The disciple is James, son of Alphaeus. He represents the harmony and balance available through centering our awareness.

The corresponding color is deep green, and the location is the navel.

Establish a Center for Order

By Winifred Wilkinson Hausmann
(excerpted from Your God-Given Potential)

Why is it that humankind, the highest form of life, seems to have so much difficulty establishing harmony, right relationships, and orderly growth, while the animals, plants, and birds go right along living as they are intended to live?

All lower life-forms have a built-in intelligence that enables them to adjust to their environment, complete a cycle of growth, and produce the results which are expected of them by virtue of their nature.

Choosing Wisely

Yet humans seem to run into problems in adjusting to their environment, getting along with others, and fulfilling a worthwhile pattern in living.

Why? How are humans different from the birds, trees, animals, and plants?

The Power of Order, The 12 Powers of Unity, Unity 12 Powers

The answer is that we have been given freedom of choice.

Humans alone, as cocreators with God, can think consciously, make decisions, and determine the direction their lives will take. All other forms of life simply follow instinct. Only we can think for ourselves and say “I will” or “I won’t.”

We must first work on ourselves and then, from harmonious, happy feelings within, bring forth God ideas into our immediate environment.

We are charged to use this ability to think, reason, and choose wisely to establish an orderly growth for ourselves as God's highest creations … We do this by awakening and training our center for order.

Order is one of our 12 powers, an essential part of our God-given potential. To develop divine order in our lives, we must learn to cooperate with spiritual law … It is the secret that will make our lives happy, harmonious, and balanced …

Creating Harmony

Order starts with the establishment of this concept in our thinking and then works from within out …

Some people, in establishing order, think first in terms of urging their systems and methods on other people. This is not the purpose of this power. We must first work on ourselves and then, from harmonious, happy feelings within, bring forth God ideas into our immediate environment …

In the case of order, once we have put ourselves in tune with God ideas and are cooperating with divine principle, we will find that we attract right relationships with other people, satisfying and fulfilling activities, time for all the things we need to do, and right growth and development of all our powers …

Order is the outgrowth of our complete agreement and cooperation with spiritual law. This is a process that must be complete—in mind, in emotions, and in actions.

A Meditation on the Power of Order

By Rev. Bronte Colbert

I call upon divine order for balance in my daily journey.

If I'm feeling overwhelmed with responsibilities or life feels out of balance, I turn away from outer appearances. I picture my life as a beautiful path, a journey of discovery and joy.

One step at a time, I move forward into that which is mine to do. I see all aspects of my life in order against a backdrop of gratitude, spiritual purpose, and direction.

If I am wishing for something that has not yet appeared, I trust that my good easily comes to me in divine timing. I see my body working in divine order. It is healthy, whole, and full of energy and life.

I take time to appreciate nature—its beauty, balance, and perfect timing. I delight in the symmetry of a seashell or the layers of art in a cloud.

As I create a sense of order in my home, work, and activities, I discover balance and peace.

Affirm: As I affirm there is one presence and power in my life, all else falls into place. I claim divine order now.


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