Follow Jesus’ wisdom for making right judgments

Affirmation: I am guided by divine wisdom in every thought, word, and action.

Wisdom—The blend of knowledge from the head and heart.

The disciple is James, son of Zebedee.

The corresponding color is yellow, and the location is the pit of the stomach.

Let Your Light Shine

By Winifred Wilkinson Hausmann
(excerpted from Your God-Given Potential)

One of the faculties most prized by Jesus was the gift of wisdom, or spiritual judgment … Always he pointed to the importance of judging by the standards of the higher self, rather than by the example set in the world.

Never did he react to any person or any situation with the expected response of human living. Always he acted and spoke from the light within himself, the light that enabled him to judge by spiritual methods, to answer from divine insight into the motives of others, the potentiality of good, and the revelation of the Christ within.

The Power of Wisdom, The 12 Powers of Unity, Unity 12 Powers

His judgment and his wisdom went far beyond the perception, knowledge, and judgment of even the most learned men of the day, because his faculty of knowing was developed by a conscious acquaintance with the Source and a desire to express the wisdom of Spirit.

He never drew conclusions simply from intellectual knowledge.

Inner Spiritual Knowing

As we follow Jesus in developing our God-given potential, we, too, must learn to “judge with right judgment” and to turn to the inner spiritual knowing. We cannot afford to allow ourselves to be caught up in judging according to appearances, making decisions based simply on intellectual knowledge, or accepting limiting concepts constantly presented to us by the worldly viewpoint …

The center that is associated with the faculty of wisdom is located in the pit of the stomach and is closely allied with the solar plexus, the area behind the heart and stomach that is sometimes referred to as the “body brain” …

Unloving, critical thoughts react particularly on the wisdom center at the pit of the stomach and may result in such ailments as ulcers, indigestion, or other difficulties of the stomach area and heart.

On the other hand, when we learn to exercise the faculty of judgment in the inner illumination by Spirit, we will automatically be expressing a greater degree of physical health …

Wisdom, the highest form of spiritual knowing, includes divine judgment, discrimination, intuition, and other activities of mind that come under the heading of pure knowing.

While it is important to remember that we are to develop all of the 12 powers, there are certain powers that are most closely allied with the Christ in your development. One of these is the faculty of wisdom or judgment, represented by James, the son of Zebedee.

Shining a Light from Within

The three disciples who were with Jesus on particularly significant occasions in his life were Peter, representing faith, and the brothers James and John, standing for wisdom and love …

Faith, wisdom, and love must be brought into everything you do … Wisdom without love is cold. But love without wisdom is misguided and impetuous …

Wisdom, the highest form of spiritual knowing, includes divine judgment, discrimination, intuition, and other activities of mind that come under the heading of pure knowing.

Wisdom is not dependent on reasoning, intellectual understanding, or deduction. It simply shines as the light from within that illumines the way and reveals whatever needs to be shown at a particular time …

Our purpose in developing this faculty is to let the light of Spirit shine through us, directing all our thoughts, words, actions, and motivations. Wisdom must also be employed in directing the activities and unfoldment of the other 11 qualities.

A Meditation on the Power of Wisdom

By Rev. Bronte Colbert

As I pause and turn within, I feel divine wisdom flowing through me, energizing and renewing all areas of my life. It is my guidance system, my spiritual compass. I apply this inner wisdom to the decisions I make, the words I choose, the ideas and beliefs I hold in my mind.

I trust in divine guidance and wisdom. They join with my goals and desires to illuminate the clearest path forward. I am blessed to have this core of wisdom for decision-making. Because of that, my steps are in order and my thoughts rise to new heights.

Centered in Spirit, my decisions are made with direction and confidence. I am clearly and purposefully guided to that which is mine to do.

Affirm: My inner wisdom guides me to the right decisions, the best steps forward, and the perfect way to bless others with my words and actions.


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