Finding the path back to peace

Like love, inner peace is inherent in our children. We’re given the opportunity and responsibility to nurture these gifts to help them grow. Our children remind us of the power available in the present moment. It is encouraging to know that access to inner peace is available in our very next breath.

With so much going on in our lives and in the world around us, take time to be aware of what supports peace and ease in your child’s life and what causes stress, distraction, and upset. Tend to the activities and practices that foster a sense of well-being.

It’s easier than you might think to practice stillness and quiet with your children. Here are a few ideas that bring us back to the gift of the present moment.

We can ask ourselves whether a thought is helpful or harmful and trust that our inner guidance system will let us know.

Practices for Children’s Inner Peace

  • Have a sitting space indoors and outdoors if possible. This is helpful for recharging us and our young ones.
  • Watch a baby breathe, and notice how their belly expands with every breath. Practice deep, belly breathing with your child by placing your hands on your bellies and feeling them expand as you inhale and exhale to a count of four.
  • The five senses game: With eyes closed, ask your child, “What do you taste (toothpaste, something you last ate, nothing)? What do you hear (listen carefully—a car passing by, a bird chirping, the air conditioner or heater)? What do you feel (the shoes on your feet, the tag of your shirt)? What do you smell (shampoo, a candle, laundry detergent)?” Then open your eyes, and what do you see?
  • Share with your children that we all have thoughts and feelings but they are not who we are. Be aware of your phrasing and theirs. “I am feeling sad, upset, or angry” is different than saying “I am sad, upset, or angry.” It helps to know that our thoughts are often chatter that we’re better off not listening to! We can ask ourselves whether a thought is helpful or harmful and trust that our inner guidance system will let us know.

These practices can take us and our children out of feeling overwhelmed and anxious and back to inner peace.

A Prayer for Prayer in All Children

I connect to the infinite God source and know that beyond the seeming upset, fear, and chaos in the world, there is a space and place of peace.

This inner peace is as close as my next breath, and I call on it to bring me and my children back to the center.

I give thanks knowing and trusting that no matter what is going on in our lives or in the world around us, we are truly, deeply, and profoundly loved.

A Shared Family Prayer for Prayer and Meditation

I take a deep, belly breath and know I am surrounded by God’s love and protection. No matter what is going on in my head, my life, or in the world around me, I am loved. By tuning in to my breath and heart, I always have access to inner peace.

Together We Affirm:

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