There Is No Spot Where God Is Not

Life in its mystery and wonder includes many times of uncertainty. Events and circumstances occur that we cannot control. At these times, we can easily find ourselves moving into fear and worry. It seems only natural to do so, like an automatic response, but Spirit knows better. We always, always have the power of choice, the power to come back to the present moment.

I remember a time when physical pain came on suddenly and I went to the hospital to be treated. I found myself frightened by what I was feeling and experiencing while I sat waiting to be seen by a doctor. I reminded myself of the wonderfully simple saying that I first heard in Unity: There is no spot where God is not. I made the choice to concentrate my full attention on the presence of God. This simple act is prayer itself. It is the practice of letting go and letting God.

Affirmations such as this work wonders for us when we are worried, as this did for me at the hospital. I felt calmer, and I also could feel the truth and presence of God within me then and there. I could feel myself letting go of the fear and allowing trust to take its place.

Another way to shift your thinking is to name what is worrying you and create an affirmation with it. You could say: I feel worried about (name the worry) and I trust in the presence of God that enfolds me in love here and now. And this is always true. God is with us and within us every moment, no matter what, because we are a part of God.

The truth is that we are going to become worried at times, and that’s okay. These times are an opportunity for us to remember the truth of who we are—the light and love of God in action. As a divine expression of God, we are never alone. We can let go and know that the Spirit within us supports and guides us always.

A Prayer for All Children in Times of Worry

I turn my attention to my breath and still my body. I am here, now. God is present with me in this moment. I release any other thoughts and feel my feet steady on the ground beneath me. I breathe in God, and I breathe out God. I know that God is, and I am. I am centered in Spirit and strengthened and guided by God in all circumstances.

A Shared Family Prayer in Times of Worry

We join together hand in hand and heart to heart. We feel our connection as a family. We have that same connection with God. We know and trust that God’s constant divine presence calms us and guides us, now and always.

Together we affirm:

Did you know? All children are welcome to pray with Unity Prayer Ministry associates.

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About the Author

Steven Ray is a member of Unity of the Palm Beaches, Florida, where he has served as a Youth of Unity sponsor, prayer chaplain, and coordinator for the pastoral care team. He is currently studying to become a licensed Unity teacher.

Steven Ray


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