This article is one of the Unity Classics written by legendary leaders of Unity. Some date back decades, even a century. That’s why the language may seem a bit formal, and the writers sometimes used masculine nouns and pronouns that were considered proper for their era.

Have you ever wondered about the reason for things?

Have you wondered why you are where you are in life, why you are doing what you are doing, why your life seems to have taken the turn it has? Even though you cannot answer these questions from a human standpoint—that is, not really answer them—you can find a satisfactory answer in the realization of the truth about yourself.

If you realize that you are a spiritual being, a living soul sent out from God, that your life is without beginning or end, you can begin to see yourself and the events of your life from a different perspective. You are essentially a spiritual being, but you are at the same time a human being. Your journey in life is toward the spiritual, toward the complete renewal and spiritualization of mind, soul, and body.

As a human being you may seem far from the goal of spiritual perfection, but human reasoning cannot tell you either how far or how near you are to it. Spiritual things must be spiritually perceived. Spirit in you, Christ in you, tells you that you are God's beloved child. Spirit in you knows your need for growth, for understanding, and Spirit in you says “well done” when an overcoming is made. You may not even have realized your own need, but the experiences of your life seemed almost to force you to call forth qualities of mind and heart and soul that you did not even know you possessed.

Sometimes the choice of the soul seems a more demanding one than any we would consciously make ourselves.

Humanly we often feel limited, inadequate; we feel that we are as nothing, that other persons are more blessed, more endowed with talent, more able to give something worthwhile to the world. But the soul chooses largely for us. The soul's choices are not limited by lack of education or family background or money or any of the many lacks that seem to frustrate our human desire for achievement.

The soul chooses largely because it knows that Christ has chosen it and appointed it to go forth. Where humanly we are afraid, the soul fearlessly chooses to walk through the very “valley of the shadow of death,” for it knows neither life nor death, but only progress.

If you are at a place in your life where you cannot understand why you have to meet the things you have to meet, know that there is a divine reason behind every human happening.

No matter what the experiences you have to meet, you are more than equal to them in your divine nature. Your soul has chosen the particular path your life is taking because it is the path that leads out of darkness into light. Christ in you makes you more than conqueror in all things.

Believe this, act from this belief, and you will stand triumphant in every trial, you will meet and overcome every difficulty, you will go forward with glory.

About the Author

Martha Smock (1913–1984) was involved with Unity from birth and eventually served as editor of Daily Word® for 33 years, also writing extensive articles and poems. She frequently emphasized our spiritual nature and the divine power within each of us. To read more, see the book Fear Not: Messages of Assurance or order the free booklet Messages We Need to Hear.


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