The Spiritual Journey From Addiction to Recovery

Sobriety is more than abstaining from drugs, alcohol, or any of our addictive behaviors. It means to recover the person you were born to be.

Recovery involves not just addicts but everyone who loves them. Knowing how many people are struggling with addiction or rebuilding their lives from it, Unity offers this collection of deeply honest and personal stories and insights about the spiritual journey of recovery in the booklet, The Spiritual Journey From Addiction to Recovery.

The Spiritual Journey From Addiction to Recovery is divided into three sections:

  • Those new to recovery
  • Those clean and sober for years who may be looking for a deeper level of spiritual awareness
  • Families and friends who live with or love an addict and are seeking recovery of their own

Our writers have opened up to share their experiences in stories and poems, with some of them diving into the parallels between Unity teachings and the core 12-step program teachings. This booklet includes affirmations and prayers for strength, peace, and connection that can be used every day. 

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