If you’re at all like me, you love the feeling of a Sunday morning church service—the uplifting music, inspirational message, the time of prayer, the shared experience of the presence of God. Then comes Monday morning and it’s back to the stresses and pressures of the workaday world. “Back to reality” people will say.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we brought that Sunday feeling to work with us on Monday?

Here are a few secrets to help us experience the Divine Presence every day:

  • On Monday morning as you arrive at work, before you pick up the telephone, check your e-mail, or turn on a machine, take a moment to dedicate this day and week to being in relationship with God. You might say the Lord’s Prayer or simply, “Be with me, God.” The exact words are not important. Simply intend to be aware of the presence of God all week long.
  • If you use a computer at work, put a reminder of God’s presence on your screen saver. It need not be overly religious. Just a simple, “God is blessing me and my company today!” If you don’t use a computer, a 3x5 card near your workspace works just as well.
  • When the boss walks by, say a prayer for him or her. And throughout the day, pray for the success of your company and coworkers and the projects you are engaged in. Don’t pray to change anyone. That’s not your job. Pray that everyone feels loved and successful.
  • If you experience a challenge or become upset at work, stop for a moment and take a deep breath. Say a prayer like “I prefer peace over this. Thank you, God, for returning me to peace of mind.” Keep repeating that until you feel your peace returning.

These techniques help you build a spiritual environment for yourself in any work situation simply by practicing the awareness of God every day.

This article originally appeared in Daily Word® magazine.


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