With certainty I can attest that we create our reality by the thoughts we hold in mind. I have had many situations in my life that radically changed when I transformed my thinking.

When we are not aware of our thoughts and beliefs, we continually fabricate stories and allow our imagination to run wild in worry and fear, projecting unwanted situations onto some imagined future. Our minds are meaning-making machines, and most of our thoughts are recycled.

A Play of Consciousness

Life is a play of consciousness. We are all living our own movies in a never-ending loop of projections until we have an awakening and realize that we can undo our stories and create a greater reality.

First, we must be aware of our thinking, our beliefs, and the endless chatter going on in our minds. Once aware, we must be willing to question our thinking and choose thoughts that serve our highest calling. Once I’ve changed my thinking, my perception changes and doors of possibility invite me to a new way of being.

Growing up I was shy, insecure, had very low self-esteem; I believed I wasn’t worthy or deserving of the things my heart longed for. I felt lost, sad, and depressed most of the time. This took me on a journey in search of a greater truth. I read every self-help book I could get my hands on and traveled across the globe hoping to find the magic wand that would fix me. I blamed everyone for my misery and believed my case was hopeless, my “karma” from another lifetime. I prayed to be shown the light that would save me.

Then I came upon spiritual teachings that gave me practical tools to get out of my misery. There was hope. I learned I did not have to be a victim of my past circumstances; I could rise up and be victorious. I committed 100 percent to the project of healing and transforming my life.

From Original Sin to Original Blessing

I learned to pray affirmatively. I learned about the power of denials and affirmations, forgiveness, and gratitude. I journaled daily and spent time in the Silence. One by one I questioned every thought that was not serving me, replacing them with empowering thoughts that affirmed the truth of who I am. Shifting my thinking from believing I was born in original sin, which I was taught as a child, to believing I was an original blessing helped me see that I mattered and that there was a place for me in the world.

We are all living our own movies in a never-ending loop of projections until we have an awakening and realize that we can undo our stories and create a greater reality.

Little by little, I trained my brain to focus on my worth and claim my divine powers. I paid attention to my thoughts and no longer allowed self-defeating thoughts to take the best of me. As my thinking began to shift, I noticed that my life started changing too. New opportunities started coming my way. I was attracting wonderful people into my life. The light of possibility turned on. I felt lighter.

Today I am passionate about teaching and supporting people who are ready and willing to go beyond their stopping points to create the life they desire. If you are ready to step into your best life, here is an affirmation and some helpful tips to get you started on your transformation.

Shift Your Thinking

I am willing to question my thinking and will not give power to stressful thoughts, worry, or fear.

  • Start your day with prayer, affirming your divine nature.
  • Spend a few minutes in the Silence, and listen to your divine guidance.
  • Count your blessings.
  • Be grateful for whatever comes your way. Gratitude amplifies your good.
  • A few times a day, stop, take a breath, and notice the thoughts you are entertaining. Then focus your attention on what you want. Remember you have the power to change your thoughts.
  • Affirm your worth and remind yourself continually that you are fully equipped to create your best life.

Love yourself through it all. You are on a journey of self-discovery. Watch your thoughts and remember you are powerful and fully equipped to create the life you desire. You are not your limiting thoughts. You are the presence of all there is appearing uniquely as you.

This article first appeared in the Unity booklet Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life.

About the Author

Rev. Elizabeth Longo is a transformational coach and retreat leader based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Learn more about her at elizabethlongo.net.

Rev. Elizabeth Longo


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