When life throws you into disarray, you can have faith in the law of the Universe

“It is all in divine order.” How often I say those words. Sometimes when I say that phrase, I feel like I am being a little glib—just using it as a platitude instead of really embracing the full scope of what it means.

Let’s refresh our hearts and minds about what it means to say, believe, and experience, “It is all in divine order.” Order is the law of the Universe. There is a divine and perfect order to all of life.

There is a divine and perfect order to all of life. Law of the Universe

To me, divine order is asking what is mine to do through prayer, and then trusting and allowing that process to take place. I often end my prayers with, “I let go, knowing it is so—and gratefully so it is.” One of the most important aspects of prayer is releasing and trusting.

One wouldn’t think of digging up a seed that has been planted in a garden to see if it is taking root and growing. Prayer is a seed we plant, and order is the process of life unfolding within each seed.

“The law of divine order and harmony is satisfied in me, and I behold myself a tower of spiritual strength and stability.”

Cora Fillmore, Christ Enthroned in Man (Unity Books, 1937)

One Presence and One Power

Can you remember a time when you have tried to “dig up the seeds” of your prayers instead of allowing the process of manifestation to occur? I certainly can.

I must admit that I am at times an impatient person. I have a sense of urgency about most things—in other words, I like action!

The funny thing is that fall and winter are my favorite seasons. They are seasons when it looks as if nothing is growing or changing on the outside, and yet all things are teeming with life inside as they prepare for spring.

When I take time to ponder my natural surroundings, I see how important it is to trust divine order in every situation. There is one presence and one power moving in and through us—in divine and perfect order.

Trust and know this to be true in your own life.

About the Author

Divine Order, Silent Unity, Rev. Gail DobertRev. Gail Dobert is the minister at Unity of Bay City Spiritual Center in Bay City, Michigan. She has been involved in the Unity movement for more than 20 years and formerly served as the director of Silent Unity, the Unity Prayer Ministry at Unity World Headquarters, for nearly a decade.


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