Affirmative prayer is empowering prayer. It begins with our recognition of the all-pervading, universal power that many call God.

In prayer, we shift our attention away from human circumstances and focus on our spiritual nature, our oneness with the Infinite.

From this state of awareness, we know there is Truth beyond our circumstances. We realize our capacity to think and act accordingly.

With that in mind, Unity shares its five-step process for affirmative prayer.

  1. Relaxation. Breathe deeply and focus within. Become willing to know a truth that frees you from all concerns.
    How to: Take deep, conscious breaths. As you relax your body and release busy thoughts, feel your heart opening up.
  2. Concentration. Recognize the power of God as life, love, wisdom, and ever-present good.
    How to: Center your thoughts on the ever-present energy of God in your life. You might want to inhale God is, exhale I AM.
  3. Meditation. In silent reflection, see that the power of God is the same power within you—your divine potential.
    How to: In silence, experience the power of your own divinity, knowing you share all the attributes of God—love, strength, wisdom.
  4. Realization. Know that you have the power to be, to do, to have, and to allow the good you desire.
    How to: Feel a click as everything falls into place and you know all is well, regardless of outer circumstances. It is done.
  5. Appreciation. Grateful for your growing spiritual awareness, you are empowered to live fully now and into a fulfilling future.
    How to: Empower your life with every expression of gratitude.


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