What Is Social Action?

Social action is practical action by individuals or groups of people working together to help serve others to improve their community. It may be done to bring about social change.

Historically, Unity focused on personal responsibility, with an emphasis on "education and prayer as ways to attain social justice," says Charles F. Andrain, author of Political Justice and Religious Values. Individuals may help causes they feel drawn to serve.

What Is an Example of Social Action?

Social action takes many forms. At Unity, we join in community interfaith work. We celebrate Pride Month and affirm the inherent worth of all people, ordaining LGBTQ ministers and licensed Unity teachers. Many of our churches have Earthcare teams that focus on the environment. We give away Daily Word and other publications to prisons and hospitals.

How Does Social Action Become Spiritual Action?

By Rev. Ric Schumacher

What will future generations think of the way we responded to the problems of our time?

Social action requires that we engage with the conditions of our community or world. Something within us calls us to take action, to make things better. That something is a divine discontent that brings with it a personal recognition that we have the power to transform the world—or at least our little corner of it.

At its highest, social action becomes spiritual action. We acknowledge the worst of times in the world and hold a vision for the best of times.

Social action becomes spiritual action when we pour our light into the darkness.

When we pour our light into any condition or situation, we begin to see clearly what action we are to take. When our light illumines the darkness, we bring a spirit of transformation to our communities and our world.


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