Visioning allows us to get clarity and guidance regarding the subject or topic we are visioning about.

What Is Visioning?

Visioning is a mental picturing process in which we allow ourselves to be able to hear, feel, and imagine a plan for our life, or for a particular area or part of our life.

What Is an Example of Visioning?

Whenever we are picturing how we want our day to go or daydreaming about an upcoming vacation, we are combining two important aspects of the powerful spiritual tool called visioning: positive imagining and intention.

Visioning is similar to the physical process of cutting images of what you'd like to see in your life and pasting them onto vision boards. Mentally picturing what we wish to experience helps us focus and attract positive energy to create our desires.

Visioning can be done alone or with others. There are many styles and techniques.

The Basics for Meditative Visioning

By Rev. Bronte Colbert

Focus on what you'd like to experience or create in your life.
Rather than thinking about what you don't want, ask yourself: What do I want? What would you love? Whether it's something physical or intangible, allow yourself to think big, to add delightful details.

Ask: How will having this make me feel?
That feeling defines the important essence of your desire. What would that career success, or your perfect health, or a harmonious relationship—whatever you are envisioning—feel like?

Get comfortable, centering yourself in mind and body.
Close your eyes; connect with the rhythm of your breath. Choose a desire to focus on and picture yourself in the details. Bring in the essence you noted. Feel the joy in doing work you love. Or see yourself smiling in the loving relationship, the energetic body, whatever you are visioning.

If random thoughts wander in, sweep them aside.
Breathe easily and accept your worthiness to receive. Affirm your power to create. Know that what you want is at hand—or something even better. Expect it. Watch for it.

Give thanks.
Consider keeping a journal of your successes, a positive reminder of your visioning power!


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