Through love, we move from a surface-level life to a deeper state of harmony

The Native-American Hopi have an ancient saying: “All dreams spin out from the same web.” Chief Seattle, a Suquamish and Duwamish chief, is credited with saying in 1854: "Man did not weave the web of life—he is merely a strand in it. Whatever he does to the web, he does to himself."

This is the nature of interconnectedness. It goes deeper than the idea of being connected.

Connected means “joined, linked, or related.” Interconnected means there are internal connections like the strands of a web or the threads of a tapestry. What is interconnected does not hold together without its other parts. It is interdependent for its very existence.

Being interconnected adds the elements of strength and flexibility that are necessary for existence and endurance.

The substance of the universe is interconnected. We say, “God is All in All. God is the wholeness. God is One.”

When We Live a Life on the Surface

Understanding the idea of such oneness is not easy to do. It is customary for humans to live at the surface of life. We live on the earth, not as an integral part of the earth. We act upon things.

We interact with others, not as interconnected beings but as contact points.

For most of us, our perception is that we live relative to others and every other thing. We also often experience God at the surface of our lives. The idea that we turn within to know God requires that we acknowledge the sense of separation outside of ourselves as we live in the world.

In truth, it is a perception that does not hold up to scrutiny. As we move into a new decade, life is teaching us what the Native Americans recognized: We are part of a great web, not outside of it but part of it, interconnected with it. We do not live outside but inside as part of creation, part of the substance of God.

When We Immerse Ourselves in Love

How do we adjust our vision to more clearly see our spiritual relationship?

Many of the world’s great religions repeat the message love one another. Can it be that through love we are able to experience our lives as interconnected? The Revealing Word defines love as “the pure essence of Being that binds together the whole human family.”

When we immerse ourselves in the flow of love, we experience our interconnectedness with all humans, with the earth, and with all substance.

When we love each other, the world, and all creation, we are able to move to a deeper state where our emotions become woven together and our souls resonate harmoniously. The universe resonates with a shared harmony and we, as unique threads, are able to unite in the tapestry of the universe.

Love moves us into our perfect state, creating a harmonious tuning with others.

Seeing Ourselves as One with the One

We move to the realization that we are indeed one with the One. Our awareness opens to a deeper understanding of who we are as spiritual beings having an earthly experience.

Divine love spiritually personifies us as individuals: Each unique individual is a strand in the web, interconnected and inseparable, created from the substance of Spirit.

When we see ourselves as interwoven strands in the expansive pattern of the life tapestry, we see our relationship with God through a spiritual lens.

We can experience God as the substance and the spaces between substance, the source of our being and our Being Itself.

Questions on Interconnectedness to Consider

  • How can I broaden my perception of God by using my spiritual lens? Can I include everything, all of creation?
  • Can I perceive love as what binds everything together?
  • How can I transform every thought I have into a loving thought?
  • Can I see myself as part of the All in All?


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