Imagining our lives on display for the world can provide insights into areas we feel good about and areas we may want to immediately change.

Through visualization and imagination, new possibilities appear.

Prayer and meditation guide our next steps in making our new headlines reality. With Spirit, we can cocreate our future headlines. What will your headline be in three months? Six months? One year? Perhaps, "Woman Breezes Through Day in Complete Serenity" or "Man Creatively Spends Time With Family and Friends."

To begin co-creating your future story, first imagine the life of your dreams.

Be 100 percent in the moment—see, feel, and believe it.

It may be, "Kathy Receives Bachelor’s Degree, Lands Dream Job." Read the reporter's words and know they are reality. Feel the feelings of receiving your degree and starting your new career. Picture the accompanying photos and captions: you with your diploma, the celebration party, or your desk at the new job.

Next, ask questions. Turn within and dialogue with God. God, how do I create this new reality? How can I prepare to live this new headline and story? What is the next step I can take, right now?

Finally, feel the gratitude of living your new headline. In partnership with God, you can create the life of your dreams.

This article appeared in Daily Word® magazine.


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