12 Powers in the Old Testament

Metaphysically, the number twelve always represents a state of spiritual completion. This is as true for the Twelve Tribes of the Hebrew Bible as it is for the Twelve Disciples of the New Testament. They represent the principle qualities that constitute the Christ—our true spiritual identity. Since the tribes appear much earlier in the story, they represent these qualities in less precise, less powerful ways. It is therefore much more effective to work with the Twelve Disciples as guides to our own indwelling Power. These are the tribes and their metaphysical meanings according to the interpretations of Charles Fillmore: Asher—understanding Benjamin—faith Dan—judgment Gad—power Issachar—zeal Joseph—imagination Judah—praise Levi—love Naphtali—strength Reuben—discernment Simeon—receptivity Zebulon—order   And, as you noted, the two sons of Joseph were also given tribal identities, according to the final blessing of Israel before his death. Ephraim metaphysically represents will, and Manasseh represents understanding. For more information, you can look up each name individually in Fillmore's Metaphysical Bible Dictionary. I hope this helps, and that the class is proving to be rich and rewarding.  


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