I am starting to study the Bible along with Unity principles and would like to know which you use the most for reading and metaphysical study. Thanks.


Congratulations on beginning an exciting road of spiritual discovery! The translation of the Bible I use most often is the New Revised Standard Version, known familiarly as the NRSV.  It is both accurate and beautiful to read and, since it represents the work of a number of scholars from many paths, it doesn't have a particular theological slant. The NRSV translation is available in a number of different editions and formats. I highly recommend the New Oxford Annotated Bible from Oxford University Press. Its annotations are authoritative, objective and very helpful.    I also have a King James translation close at hand; its translations are dated and sometimes inaccurate, but some passages simply read more powerfully in the familiar old cadences. And the translation by George Lamsa taken from the Aramaic of Eastern scriptures is helpful for understanding more about the highly nuanced language Jesus spoke.   Blessings!

Rev. Ed


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