“Before they call I will answer, while they are yet speaking I will hear” (Isaiah 65:24).


This passage is from the section of the book generally known as Third Isaiah—chapters 56 through 66. It was written much later than the first 39 chapters, and even later than chapters 40 through 55. It relates to a time when the first Jews had returned from Babylon to Jerusalem, only to find little remained of their once-great capital city. They were discouraged; and the prophet, while reminding them they are experiencing the consequences of their own collective negative choices, also assures them a better future lies ahead. “For I am about to create new heavens and a new earth,” the prophet has God stating at 65:17. He then expands on the vision (which strongly relates to Jeremiah 31, written at roughly the same time) in specific terms. At the heart of the prophecy are not simply more goodies, but a profoundly new relationship between mankind and the divine. A new covenant will be written on each individual’s heart. There will be no separation in time or distance, no waiting for results from a distant God. As we know and express our innate Oneness, manifestation will become immediate.


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