2021 Black History Month

Divine power is diverse, inclusive, and resides in each of us.

Black History Month gives us an opportunity to evolve our consciousness to a higher level, making us more awake. We can explore the relationship of our diverse selves with our divine oneness.

“Our differences often unveil similarities we didn’t know we had,” writes Rev. Charline Manuel. “When we are willing to respect each other’s differences, we begin to see that differences make for rich contributions to the whole of who we are.”

“Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. spoke about oneness when he called it the interrelated structure of reality, and we are to live from the realization of this oneness,” says Rev. James Trapp, senior minister of Spiritual Life Center in Sacramento, California. “When we do, we move closer to fulfilling our potential as spiritual beings. And we dissolve the illusion that we are separate from each other as well as the presence of God.”


Unity Black History Month 2021 theme Evolving Consciousness Through Diversity, Black History Month … cultivates the past. It throws light upon the present. And it points toward a real, viable future for us all.—Rev. Kathy Beasley


In unveiling our differences—and similarities—we begin to evolve toward an understanding of the Truth of our divine oneness. This means moving beyond the margins of slavery and racism and the loss of countless lives across time to lift up the power and the significance of Black people, honoring the influences they have always made.

It is a time to both look back and move forward.

Black History Month continues our evolution toward a more diverse, loving, and connected consciousness.

In order to understand who we are, the story must include all of us.



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