African Americans played a vital role in the development of the spiritual movement at Unity. Celebrating and commemorating those leaders helps propel us toward a more loving, inclusive, and connected consciousness—evolving to reach a greater understanding of our divine oneness.

Honoring Black history and the struggle for racial equality, this collection of articles, stories, and educational resources explores Unity history and the influence of Black leaders, past and current, in its growth. In the spirit of Sankofa—looking to the past to inform the future—Unity recognizes how these individuals played a key role in teaching the principles that proclaim the divinity of all people and how together we can affirm a path of inclusion for all.

We extend special gratitude to the Black ministers and leaders in Unity who told their stories and helped develop these resources.


“Spirit gave me the vision of doing this work. Also vision of a temple and a home. I immediately started to do something about it.”
—Rev. Helen Mouton, 1948 Unity Field Department Survey


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