Bookstores and the internet are filled with resources for those who are grieving. Below is an assortment of helpful books, websites, and podcasts recommended by the writers who contributed to the free Unity booklet Grief Is a Spiritual Practice.



For Grieving Children can connect you to resources and local support.

The Grief Recovery Method has resources such as blogs, webcasts, articles, videos, and books.

Have the Talk of a Lifetime offers a free downloadable workbook for end-of-life conversations.

Helping Parents Heal sponsors local and online meetings for parents who have lost children, especially those interested in connecting with loved ones on the other side.

David Kessler is a death and grieving expert who worked with Elisabeth Kübler-Ross.

The National Center for Victims of Crime advocates for victims and offers resources and referrals to individuals, families, and communities touched by crime.

The Open to Hope Foundation with Gloria Horsley, Ph.D., and Heidi Horsley, Psy.D., offers articles, videos, podcasts, and books.

Pet Loss explores why we need to take it seriously.

Suicide Grief: News & Comment has a list of resources.

TAPS offers assistance to military families, casualty officers, and caregivers.

The Sacred Servant with Nada Frazier is for end-of-life issues as well as grief.

Unspoken Grief brings together those touched by stillbirth, miscarriage, and neonatal loss to share stories and offer resources.

Chaz Wesley is a Unity minister and an expert in the field of end-of-life and grief/bereavement education.

What’s Your Grief? is an all-purpose website run by mental health professionals in Baltimore, Maryland. They started the website after finding few resources for their own grief.

Widower’s Grief is a blog by Mark Liebenow, whose wife died and who writes about many forms of grief.