Partners in Prayer

Circle of Friends members are a beloved group of our most loyal donors. They provide generous support to uplift the Unity ministry. They’re a special community of people who have been blessed by the spiritual resources they receive from Unity and are called to give back.

Circle of Friends members set up an automatic monthly gift to support our ministry throughout the year.

Circle of Friends members share with us so that we can continue to be here for them and others in need of encouragement, comfort, and prayer. It’s convenient and simple—and only takes minutes to set up.

Our Thanks When You Join

Because of our sincere appreciation for our Circle of Friends members, we say “Thank you” in several meaningful ways throughout the year:

  • Always first to receive our new blessing booklets and annual calendar.
  • Standing invitation to take part in exclusive weekly prayer calls.
  • An annual thank-you gift at the start of each year for continuing as a member of Circle of Friends.
  • A Wonderful Gift When You Join Today!

    When you join, we’ll send you a set of four beautiful note cards featuring inspiring quotes from Unity cofounder Myrtle Fillmore.

    If you would like to learn more about Circle of Friends before joining—or if you need assistance—please contact us.

    To donate via mail, please download our form:


    “I am so happy that Unity is there to pray with anyone who needs comfort or help. I feel that I am extending a loving hand through Unity to help those in need.”

    —Debra S.

    "Circle of Friends allows me to be connected in such a beautiful way to Unity, that it is a great comfort and gives me a sense of well-being and hope. Knowing I can contribute and be connected to you all reminds me of Spirit daily and soothes my soul profoundly. Thank you for being there.”

    —Glenda R.S.

    “I feel I am a part of something that reaches millions throughout the world.”

    —Carol D.