Spiritual Resources for Turbulent Times

When the news seems relentlessly bad, when you feel despair for the state of the world, when life seems to be changing every day and hope is hard to find… how can you turn within to reclaim your spiritual center? How can you work through the emotion to discern what is yours to do? How can you contribute peace and harmony to a volatile, divided group, family, or society?

In this section, Unity offers articles, videos, booklets, and more to support you. Whatever the specifics of the situation, it is possible to see through spiritual eyes and to rediscover your inner peace. We hope these ideas and spiritual tools will help and serve you as you navigate our ever-shifting world.


Five Ways to Calm Yourself in a Chaotic World
by Lila Herrmann

Finding Peace in the Storm
by Rev. Sandra Campbell

Unity Principles Freed Me from Fear
by Shelly Wilson

Embracing Change
by Elaine Meyer

You Are Not Your Thoughts
by Rev. Jim Blake

Listening in with ... Gary Zukav
by Katy Koontz

Finding Comfort
by Rev. Elizabeth Longo

Victors, Never Victims
by Rev. Sheila R. McKeithen, J.D.

Finding Faith in the Face of Uncertainty
by Jessica Heim-Brouwer

What Is Faith?
by Rev. Robert Brumet

Creating a Practice of Acceptance
by Rev. Jim Blake

Creating Community
by Rev. Kelly Isola, M.Div.

Eight Daily Practices for Positive Prayer
by Rev. Hypatia Hasbrouck

The Power of Prayer: Praying Without Words
by Rev. Sandra Campbell

Finding the Good with Prayer
by Trayce Riley

We Are the Help
by Jan Phillips

by Rev. Robert Brumet

Anxious and Angry? Reclaim Your Spiritual Center


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