"You are to be a blessing to this world, and because of the life you live, you will be blessed."

Jim Rosemergy

You have a singular purpose—to know God, to discover what you are. It is a shared purpose, for it is my purpose too. You have a mission. It can be described in many ways, but the simplest is “love.” You are to live your life as if you were united with everyone and everything, because you are. You are to be a blessing to this world, and because of the life you live, you will be blessed. I have the same mission and quest. 

To assist you in living and enable you to fulfill your mission, you have been given a gift. If you have not yet found your gift, now is the time to begin to seek it earnestly. Not only will you find happiness and joy in sharing your gift, but your Creator will find an avenue of expression into the world. … 

It’s Time to Dream Again

Through the course of your life, many “hints” have been given about your talent or skill. What can you do and lose all sense of time in the doing? For me it is writing. I can begin to write late in the evening and fail to realize that the sun is rising. What have you wanted to do since you were a child? Maybe you were encouraged to put aside this foolish dream, because people said no one makes a decent living doing that! Now is the time to dream again. 

When are you most joyful? Do you enjoy being with people or are you most at ease when you are alone? What are your current hobbies? Perhaps they tell you of the natural inclinations that Spirit has planted like a seed within you. Do you receive your greatest sense of accomplishments in helping others? What could you be happy doing all day? 

Spirit in Expression

Questions such as these loosen the soil of our souls, so seeds planted long ago can sprout and grow. Once, a woman told me that her life was changed when she heard a minister talk about hidden talents. She recalled how much she enjoyed painting, even though she had not lifted a brush for years. When she returned home, she took out her art supplies and began to paint. Today, watercolor is an important part of her life; she experiences joy in losing herself in painting, and others experience beauty because of her special gift. 

I suspect this story can be repeated again and again. Of course, many of us have not developed the talents that rest within us, but we can begin. It is never too late. ... Remember, the gift is an avenue of Spirit’s expression. 

I heard a story of a woman who earned a six-figure income in international business, but she gave it up to ride a bicycle in the Olympics. It seems absurd, but her story was an inspiration to those who are tempted to be “foolish.” I don’t know how skillful she was as a racer, but as a liver of life, she was a champion.

You see, it is not always about winning, for being number one is a human dream. The key is attunement to the divine intent.

This oneness allows the divine message to be given. In the case of the Olympic cyclist, the message is not to abandon our jobs and ride into the sunset; it is to have the courage to follow an inner voice. 

The Gift of Those in Need

Perhaps you persist in insisting that you have no special gift or skill. Maybe you are thinking about those people who are handicapped or born with disabilities. How can someone lying comatose in a hospital become an avenue of God’s expression? 

The Truth is that people who appear to have little or are unable to speak or move have a great gift to give. Their gift is their need.

Wherever there is a need—a person lying comatose in the hospital or those dying of famine in distant lands—a gift is being given that calls us to compassion and asks us to help.

The tragedy is that we often fail to realize the wonder of this gift. We lose an opportunity for the Presence to be made manifest as love and caring. However, when we receive the gift of need and answer with compassion, soothing words, and helpful actions, the divine intent is fulfilled. God’s joy is evident, people are helped, the human family is more unified and feels once more the thrill of the expression of God’s presence. 

Adapted from The Quest for Meaning: Living a Life of Purpose by Jim Rosemergy, published by Unity Books.

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About the Author

Rev. Jim Rosemergy flew as a naval aviator during the Vietnam War before he became a Unity minister in 1976. He led four churches and served as Executive Vice President at Unity World Headquarters. He is the author of numerous books and was given the 2007 Light of God Expressing Award by Unity Worldwide Ministries. Visit jimrosemergy.com.


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