This monthly column is to help parents, grandparents, and teachers introduce children to spiritual topics in the context of prayer. It includes a prayer for adults, one for children and adults to share, and a short affirmation for children to remember and take with them.

Confidence = Faith + Trust

“Alexa, please set an alarm for 5 a.m.” Every night I hear my daughter confidently speak these words for what she desires—to set an alarm to wake her the next morning—and it is done. She makes her request with bold confidence and simply believes it will be done. Our reliance on technology, like smart devices, is just like having bold confidence in God. We ask for our heart’s desire believing we will receive it in our lives.

Confidence can be defined as having faith in something or someone. Spiritual confidence is the assurance that whatever we desire in life will be provided. When we recognize and confidently express our divinity, we demonstrate our confidence in the faculties and qualities of God. In doing so, we bring forth our unique and special gifts to the world.

My spiritual confidence helps me manifest all the good I want in my life with clarity and assurance. I trust my divinity within, and I am filled with confidence.

I am filled with confidence because I put God first in every aspect of my life.

I am filled with confidence because I know that with God, all things are possible.

I am filled with confidence and do not give in to fearful thoughts that poison my mind, body, and spirit. Fear and faith cannot reside in the same energy field; I choose faith.

I am filled with confidence because I know that God can make way where it may appear blocked.

I am filled with confidence, so I live the happy, healthy, and prosperous life that God intends for me.

A Prayer for Confidence in All Children

Knowing the divine creator is part of us all, we honor the indwelling Christ in each and every child right now. We pray, affirming that a consciousness of spiritual confidence is firmly established in all children everywhere. We see God’s wisdom guiding them as they prosper and thrive. When faced with negative thoughts and feelings about themselves, may they return again and again to the truth that they can do all things through the indwelling Christ who strengthens them.

A Shared Family Prayer for Confidence

Beloved child of God, I pray that God’s purpose for your life is revealed to you as you listen, and trust that you are guided into your rightful place. I pray that every move you make is divinely ordered and that you are safe, happy, healthy, loved, wise, and blessed as you radiate with spiritual confidence.

May divine love flow from within you in abundance, and may you be a blessing to all you encounter.

Together we affirm:

As a beloved child of God, I am important. My gifts, talents, and abilities bless the world.

Did you know? All children are welcome to pray with Unity Prayer Ministry associates.

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About the Author

Dr. Araceli Marchan has served as the youth director at Unity Center for Holistic Living in Trinidad and Tobago for more than 10 years. She has spent most of her life empowering children worldwide as an innovative educator, motivator, and founder of ICLP Tutor where she inspires children to succeed.

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