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Award-winning Unity Magazine® explores spirituality, science, psychology, and metaphysics.

Each bimonthly publication discusses positive spiritual principles and how to apply them in your daily life. Its interviews, articles, and essays reflect Unity principles and New Thought teachings as well as broader ideas from other spiritual traditions that dovetail with Unity philosophy.


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What’s in Unity Magazine?

Each issue contains a Q&A-style interview with a New Thought luminary or other prominent expert whose work aligns with Unity principles. “Sage & Savvy Voices” features a discussion with a recent well-known guest on Unity Online Radio.

Our book excerpts share the latest offerings from best-selling authors. “Bright Lights” profiles those who make the world a better place, while “Unity Masters” profiles a beloved and influential Unity minister or other leader from earlier days.

Our columns and departments cover metaphysics, faith, scripture, the intersection of spirituality and science, social justice as a spiritual practice, media reviews, and more. “Good Questions” answers theological queries, “Around the Village” explores fascinating finds on the Unity Village campus, and “Expressions” offers a reader-submitted essay about how Unity changes lives.

In short, you’ll find inspiration for transformation on every page.

Unity Magazine History

The Unity movement began with a magazine named Modern Thought first published in April 1889. The title morphed a few times before founders Charles Fillmore and Myrtle Fillmore finally decided on Unity Magazine in 1891. The format and style of the publication have changed many times over the years, but what remains constant is the focus on helping readers deepen their spiritual journey.