“The aim of feminism is and has always been transformation,” Myrtle Fillmore, feminism, Unity history, New Thought Movement

Was Myrtle Fillmore a Feminist?

Both the feminist and New Thought movements share a foundational goal: to transform suffering in our world. Feminism has a


Seven Ways to Heal Yourself

Does the idea of praying yourself well seem impossible? Myrtle Fillmore, cofounder of Unity, knew she could heal herself—and she

In the Words of Myrtle Fillmore

How I Found Health

I have made what seems to me a discovery. I was very sick; I had all the ills of mind


Service Was Always Part of the Journey

Myrtle Fillmore, Healing, and the Unity Fifth Principle Myrtle Fillmore is the cofounder of Unity, a movement founded on prayer