Share Your Prayer Story. Silent Unity March 2024.

What’s Your Prayer Story?

No matter where you are, Silent Unity® is here to pray with you. Share how prayer with Silent Unity has been an active force in your life.

Unity Village Original Silent Unity Building

The Original Silent Unity Building

Learn more about Unity Village and how the building originally used for Silent Unity® has changed over the years.

Finding Peace Through Prayer Unity Booklet

Finding Peace Through Prayer

The experience of prayer itself can help us feel peace. The new Unity booklet, Finding Peace Through Prayer, offers inspirational articles and messages, prayers and affirmations, and spiritual tools to restore your inner peace.

Always Here for You: The Prayers of Silent Unity booklet

Always Here for You: The Prayers of Silent Unity

Prayer has the power to transform lives. That’s why—no matter the request—Silent Unity® is ready to pray with you. As


The Way of Peace

As individuals, we earnestly desire peace. We want peace in our homes, in our countries, in our relationships with one

How to Pray it Forward

How to Pray It Forward

Prayer is the connection between you and your divine source. It is your personal experience, but you can also “pray